2009-10-04 12:16 | start

When I couldn't see a future and I was afraid, when the future is clear and it hurts to see, I just close my eye, and lose myself in happier days.

I wish I had the courage to tell Lightning, that I've become a l'Cie.

Hey! Our engagement is way bigger news. Oh, man. I can't wait to see her face. She will be my new sister!



All we need is just you and me.

Thank you, Snow.

These are l'Cie. Show no mercy. They aren't people; they are targets.

Start running.


I will keep them busy.


You survive.


Serah! What is your Focus?


l'Cie has a Focus, right? I will go with you. Help you do it. Just let me.

My parents died. I had to be strong for Serah. So I thought I needed to forget my past. And I became Lightning. I thought that by changing my name, I could change... who I was. I was younger then. You can't run away from yourself. Serah tried to tell me. But I wouldn't listen.

Your son is a hero. We'll erect a memorial and put his crystal on display.

A memorial? He's a little boy!

Isn't it better he be treated with reverence as a monument to sacrifice?

We're gonna rest up and we'll leave. If they find out you are sheltering l'Cie, they'll....

You're my son! This is your home.

The point is... I have people I can count on. I will make it through.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Please. Turn her back.

You go on begging. Like this thing gives a damn with what you want.

Fly in. We will lose them in there.

I like this fal'Cie.



Something's coming!

Not so fast, l'Cie.

Hang on!

Me. I'm a l'Cie. Surprise? Expect some kind of monster?! I'm flesh and blood like you. Don't you get it? This has been our home our whole life. We want to protect this place just as much as you.

I understand your plight. However, the very existence of you l'Cie put every last one of us in danger. Do you really think your life is worth more than the lives of millions of Cocoon citizens?

To them, we are just pets. I've been so blind. I was born into a fal'Cie world, raised on a fal'Cie leash, without a master to follow. My life had no purpose.

Shoot me.

Don't you even! You think you die, and that's that? You think you die, and everything will be sugar and rainbows?

What do you want me to do?

Don't ask me.

What happen when your action ended up ruining someone's life? How do you pay for what you've done?

All I can do is go forward... until I find the answers I need.

There are no answers! You are running from what you deserve.

Why don't you tell me what I deserve?!

The same fate!

You too?! Why are you helping them?

If I were you, I'd worry about myself.


You couldn't protect her. It's your fault she...

Save us.


You can save us. Protect us all. Save... Cocoon.