2003-02-21 20:23 | EDDA


Early morning, I felt somebody entered and woke me up. I never liked this. Turning my eyes out to the gloomy windows, I stared at the deadly dark-blue sky. There was no sunlight left to shine.
Is it the perfect beginning of the new term for us to be diligent?
Still I didn't think that there was any difference between day and night.

Dazedly I rushed to the school, then carelessly swept the tidy corridor. What a boring work~
I met with SM when I went downstairs. She smiled insidiously, with two brooms in her hands shaking.

We all felt sleepy sometimes, and Miss Wu called this"nodding". It's a perfect description, I think. Anyway, I won't be too stupid to show anyone that I want to "nod", keke...
I thought it boring to listen to their heated discussion about RO...Even when I woke up from my nice dream, they still had great interests, talking and wasting minutes, one after another...

Miss Wu said:"You all must have your subject chosen this week, I'm waiting for your reply."
"Still Chemistry?" SM asked uncertainly.
"Can't I? I've said, I had no interests in Physics. But if Art can be chosen..."
This reminded me of my decision 7 years ago, I can't think it out, if I had done it according as what I liked...Perhaps, I would be thankful now.
All the figures of pencils, papers, monotonic lines and books with several pages missing, have been totally taken away from me. I want to create something of my own, but I'm just gazing at the ceiling and drawing nothing.

"I don't care at all, for I'll leave for England before graduation."
At least she has expressed her excitement three times. To face it, I have nothing to say. It seemed that so many I considered closest to me would turn on a dime and sell me out dutifully. I intended to but wasn't able to negate all the do's and don't's. A certain voice will raise without joking:"Mind your own work first."
Okay, please don't mention going abroad again.
We all wonder what will happen when she's back in front of me. Being blessed or unlucky. But it just is "wondering". No one knows whether I'll befriend you like I used to do or not when I see you again. Should I do without you now? If you'll stand by my side tomorrow, will you still be here the day after tomorrow?
A weak voice whispered to my ear that I'd better keep myself from relying on you, gradually.

Now there comes the weekend, I haven't done anything valuable yet. I'll learn to make up for the lost. Because I know I may miss somebody when missing somebody, one comes and another goes.
But I really don't know if I should do without them right now...
To exchange missing for missing...

2-21,2003 0:16 am jN.EDDA in Magaya


I know there is a rainbow, for me to follow
To get beyond my sorrow
Thunder precedes the sunlight
So I'll be alright
If I can find that rainbow's end